We have imagined the next business meeting.

It's where business begins.

Business meeting auctions for new business development. Bid to pitch or meet with vendors to address priority initiatives. ExeConnect ensures sales meetings are qualified and expectations are in sync!

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  • Solution Spotlight: Enterprise Performance Management

    Solution Spotlight: Enterprise Performance Management

    Cloud EPM implementation services, be up and running. Learn more

  • Solution Spotlight: Social Video Distribution

    Solution Spotlight: Social Video Distribution

    Get your brand videos viewed by your target audience. Learn more

  • Vendor Introductions

    Vendor Introductions

    Connect for a business solution.

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ExeConnect - the Company

Sales mean business! Partner with ExeConnect for qualified vendor meetings.

Productive C-suite meetings. Discover new business solutions and your next customer. 

To learn more about the perks, connect with us

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ExeConnect AuctionAgenda

Bid on IT and business project meetings. On AuctionAgenda, the value is in the meeting, donating is a bonus! 

Meeting auctions for B2B introductions, vendors present their agenda before bidding. 

Host a meeting or meeting auction event. Meet for a Cause, find out more.

ExeConnect CEO Connect

Get connected online and meet for business. Enterprise-wide executive introductions.

Meet execs who have influence over projects and cutting-edge technology.  

JOIN or request a C-suite business introduction on CEO Connect.

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