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In 2002, ExeConnect's original business model was to assist start-up companies in introducing their leading technology to market, delivering qualified sales meetings. Our services continue with executive-to-executive introductions for companies small and large. We engage companies with prospective customers and strategic partners for new business development.

A part of ExeConnect's growing ExeCommunity, AuctionAgenda is the online business meeting auction that connects leading solution providers to active and upcoming business projects. Bids are placed for business meeting introductions. 90% (net revenue) can be donated to charity currently. AuctionAgenda launched in 2012 as part of our every day business as a result of our first online meeting auction fundraiser in 2009. AuctionAgenda's platform is designed to introduce the best vendor solutions for business requirements. As a Bay Area company, we are proud to have had the San Jose Sharks (corporate) as our first meeting auction, donating 100% of the meeting proceeds to The Sharks Foundation. Other non-profit beneficiaries have included Habitat for Humanity and the PHS/SPCA.

CEO Connect enables executives across the organization to post internal project initiatives for vendor solutions. Business profiles share their company's unique business value to prospective buyers.

ExeConnect online platforms and services are all designed to connect companies for new business and help start-ups go-to-market faster

Staecy Carpenter, Founder & Director

Other Passion: Forever fur kids
Hometown: San Jose, California
Philosophy: If you want a miracle, be a miracle
Few Favs: Country music, roses, historic homes

Traditional enterprise business development is evolving. ExeConnect's online platforms will enable faster, more productive, introductions. The company has come a long way since 2002 with much more in store, and 20 years of dedication behind it.

For questions regarding online user experience or other, please call or email me.

Thank you, Staecy